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We are currently in the year/passing 495 of the Fourth Age.
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Shadows in the dark bring fear in darkness.

The girl turned her head sharply, making her hair fan out behind her. Her amber eyes squinting into the inky blackness that lay before her, searching for some sign that it was gone. Slightly reassured by the fact that she saw no movement, she attempted to slow her breathing, taking the cool air in her nose, and releasing it out her mouth. As her heart rate slowed, she became aware of a dull ache in her legs. She felt as if she had just sprinted a mile. Noticing a stray lock of her jet-black hair falling over her...
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Æcù Rèqíē, Shepards of the flock.
Shepards and Dead Sheep 

The knife slid neatly between his ribs, stopping his heart, and staining his expensive robes with his blood. A gurgle escaped the dead man's throat as the knife was pulled from his body. He was pushed over the balcony, and his body made a wet crunch as it hit the marble floor below. His killer turned around and walked swiftly in the opposite direction, slipping the knife under the folds of his billowing black cloak. The black clad man walked through an archway, and took a left down the stairs, making...
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Colored Skies, is where man dies.
Culorde Espreci

Opening her eyes, she found herself in a beautiful garden. Lilies, roses and violets were the only flowers she could identify from the forest of flora that lay before her, she smiled at the spectacle. Looking up she noticed the sky was a strange violet hue. Try as she might she couldn't find a direct source of light, the garden seemed to be lit by nothing, but everything. She pondered this for a minute, then she looked out into the forest. It was strangely heartening to be sorrounded by so much beauty after...
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Riots, the source of all unrest.
Bar Fight

A smash tore Atre from his sleep, his hand instinctively reched for the knife in his belt, it wasn't there. Then he remembered he'd taken his belt off and hung it next to the bed. "More bar fights", He said to himself. He got up, and reached for the diamond studded leather. The silver knife was slotted neatly into it's sheath, it's jeweld pommel sticking out from the belt. Atre placed the leather satchel on the bed, and removed his greaves and bracers. He put them on, enjoying the feeling of cold leather on his...
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Abysses aren't only on land.
The Skyless Forest

Her amber eyes flicked open, adjusting to the brightness of the world around her.
"Where am I?" She thought.
Then she remembered.
She got up, feeling slightly giddy as the blood flowed from her head to her legs. Grass poked between her toes, tickling her bare feet. She noticed she was wearing some sort of night gown, it was white, with frilly bits at her wrists. She soon became aware of her surroundings, the same creek trikled to her left, but there were fewer plants, the rock-table was...
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First Blood - First murder and/or sentient homocide acted by a person(s).
First Blood

Months had passed and Atre would soon be initiated, first blood happened tonight, he had been forged a soul dagger just hours before. This was to be the culmination of two years' work. He was exited, his on-hand palm was sweaty on the hilt of his new friend. First blood would seal the bond between knife and man, making the dagger an extension of his arm. He made for the cathedral, his target would be inside.
He arrived at the Cathedral soon after, the prayers were still happening. He...
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