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 Thievery and Cunning

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PostSubject: Thievery and Cunning   Thievery and Cunning Icon_minitimeFri Nov 05, 2010 8:39 pm

There are several sections in Thievery:

Chest Opening
Con Artistry


Simply right click on someone and select "Pickpocket". If you are succesful, you get a reward. If you fail, you are attacked by the victim and dealt damage ranging from 1 HP to 20 HP (Depending on Target.) Below is a list of Targets and Rewards. Please note that when recieving loot, you may not recieve all of the possible rewards, you may only recieve one.

Lvl 1: Child - Toy, 1-5 GP
Lvl 5: Man - 1-10 GP, Copper-Bronze Dagger
Woman - 1-10 GP, Cloth
Lvl 10: Farmer - 1-15 GP, Seeds, Onions
Lvl 15: Dwarf Citizen - 1-20 GP, Cut Gem
Lvl 20: Gnome Citizen - 1-20 GP, Nails, Spanner
Lvl 25: Guard - 1-25 Gp, Copper-Iron Dagger
Lvl 30: Noblemen - 1-30 GP, Cloth, Cut Gem
Noblewomen - 1-30, Cloth, Cut Gem
Lvl 35: Soldier - 1-35 GP, Copper-Bronze Helm
Lvl 40: Dwarf Guard - 1-40 GP, Copper-Iron Helm
Lvl 45: Gnome Guard - 1-45GP, Copper-Steel Helm
Lvl 50: Merchant - 1-50 GP, Cloth, Cut Gem
Lvl 55: Knight - 1-55 GP, Copper-Saphrite Helm
Lvl 60: Priest - 1-60 GP, Symbol
Lvl 65: Banker - 1-65 GP, Cut Gem, Gold Bar
Lvl 70: Elf - 1-70 GP, 1-20 Copper-Emerite Arrows, Copper-Rubite Dagger
Lvl 75: Elf Guard - 1-75 GP, 1-30 Copper-Rubite Arrows, Copper-Dimonite Dagger
Lvl 80: Elf Knight - 180 GP, 1-40 Copper - Dimonite Arrows, Copper-Mithril Helm
Lvl 85: Lord - 1-85 Gp, Cloth, Cut Gem, Gold Bar, Jewel
Lady - 1-85 Gp, Cloth, Cut Gem, Gold Bar, Jewel
Lvl 90: King - 1-90 Gp, Cloth, Gold Bar, Cut Gem, Jewel, Enchanted Jewel
Queen - 1-90 Gp, Cloth, Gold Bar, Cut Gem, Jewel, Enchanted Jewel
Lvl 95: Thief - 1-95 Gp, Copper-Mithril Dagger, Lock Pick, 10-20 Copper-Saphrite Throwing Knives
Lvl 100: Guildmaster - 50-100 Gp, 1 High/Med/Low level Item depending on guild


To stalllift, right click on a stall and select "Steal". If you are succesful you recieve a reward, if failed, the market guards attack you.

Lvl 6: Baker's Stall
Lvl 7: Vegetable Stall
Lvl 12: Butcher's Stall
Lvl 13: Fishmonger's stall
Lvl 16: Tea Stall
Lvl 22: General Stall
Lvl 26: Wine Stall
Lvl 32: Crafting Stall
Lvl 36: Tailor's stall
Lvl 42: Gem stall
Lvl 46: Jewellery Stall
Lvl 52: Mine stall
Lvl 56: Seed Stall
Lvl 62: Fur Stall
Lvl 66: Alchemical Stall
Lvl 72: Sword Stall
Lvl 82: Magyk Stall
Lvl 92: Spice Stall
Lvl 99: Pet Stall


To steal from a chest, right click on a chest and select "Steal". To steal from a chest, you'll need a crowbar or a lock pick. Every chest could contain anything. From burnt meat to Dragonbone Swords.

Con Artistry

If you come in possesion of three coconut halves, a deck of cards or a dice, you can start doing some cunning and devious tricks to earn cash from helpless citizens.

If you do succeed, you will earn cash, if you fail, you will be stunned by the citizen and attacked by nearby guards and your reputation will drop.

First you will need some equipment:

3 x Coconut Halves
1 x Pearl
1 x Dice (Weighted)
1 x Deck of Cards

The tricks and equipment needed are as followed:

Lvl 45: Thimblerig (Coconut halves, pearl)
Lvl 57: Card trick (Deck of Cards)
Lvl 74: Dice Game (Weighted Dice)

To weight a die, buy one and right click on it, selecting the option "weight". It'll weight the dice so that the number is always 6. You need a Thieving level of 65 to weight a die.

This is only the beginning, we need much more suggestions for this skill.

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin

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Thievery and Cunning
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