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 Civil War (Novice Quest)

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Civil War (Novice Quest) Empty
PostSubject: Civil War (Novice Quest)   Civil War (Novice Quest) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 11:01 am


Lvl 5 Hunting
Some food
20 Gp


You start by going to a Dwarven mine. The Dwarves there are grouped into colours and are fighting each other. There is a Blue group and a Red Group. The Blues are shouting things like "Long live Hammerhan!" and "Die Moorish Scum!" and the Reds are shouting things like "Long live Blackmoore!" and "There's only room in this mine for one of us!"

In the Grand hall, there are two leaders who are engaged in combat, they don't seem to be getting anywhere. Talk to one of them and a cutscene will begin.

The Blue leader will say that the Red leader stole his Bunny Rabbit and the Red leader will accuse the Blue leader of stealing his Bunny Rabbit. The start to fight again. If the player examines the room, he will find tracks (only with a sufficent hunting level) If the player follows the tracks, it'll soon lead to cave with a dwarf in it. The Dwarf reveals that his name is Gunnjr. The Dwarf also says that he stole the rabbits to eat in a stew. He explains that he's a beggar and this is the only food he has. If you give him some food and about 20 Gp, he'll thank you and hand over the rabbits and promise never to steal and to work for his food and money. Go and bring the rabbits to the leaders and they'll stop bickering and thank you. They do say that they must kill Gunnjr as theft from a leader is punishable by death. Your player convinces them to give him another chance.

Quest Complete


Gunnjr's advice
The abillity to tame and make a rabbit your pet (with taming skill)
Low Hunting XP

NB: If you go into the streets, you'll see that Gunnjr sweeping them. Talk to him and he'll tell you that he got a cushy job as a street sweeper and that he's living on easy street now. He'll also give you some random advice in skills if asked.

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin
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Civil War (Novice Quest)
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