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 Haunted Visions

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PostSubject: Haunted Visions   Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:23 am

In the Haunted woods, is a ruined temple. That ruined temple is infested with Ghosts. In order to get rid of these ghosts, one needs to send them to the afterlife through Cremation, Reconection or Banishing.

For low levels it is recomended that you do Reconection. For medium levels, you may wish to take on Cremation and for High levels, you may with to Banish these spirits.


If you have 10 Prayer or more, you can do this. To Reconect a body so that a spirit can leave, find a dead body and right click and select "Reconect". Reconecting will banish the body and the spirit and reward you with some Prayer XP.


If you have 40 Prayer or more and 20 Firemaking or more, you can do this. To Cremate a body so that the spirit can leave, right click on a dead body and select "Cremate" (You must have some logs and a tinderbox to do this) You will place down logs and light them and this will banish the spirit and burn the body. Rewards you with Prayer Xp and Firemaking Xp.


If you have 80 Prayer or higher and 60 Magyk or higher, you can do this. Right click on a ghost (with a death wand or spirit wand in hand) and select "Banish". Will use up either 2 Spirit Charges or 4 Death Charges and Banishes a Ghost. The Body will disapear. Rewards you with Prayer Xp and Magyk Xp.


You can do these to up to 10 ghosts a day, as there are only 10 ghosts a day you can get rid of. Once all the ghosts are slain, you can enter the temple and recieve an item reward. The Items value is dependant on the style of killing you did. If you do more Banishing than Cremating, you would get a better reward than if you did more Reconecting than Banishing. Rewards range from small everyday items to Dragonbone weapons and Enchanted Jewels.

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Haunted Visions
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