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PostSubject: Cosmoscovatsonium   Cosmoscovatsonium Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 4:07 pm

Cosmoscovatsonium is produced when 8000kq (Kiloquigs, A Measurement of Magykal Energy) of Magyk are released simultainiously, aboutb 500g of Cosmoscovatsonium is produced. In some cases Mass Magyk uses in areas like Kelgrimen, Zondo and the Gomdrakuur Power Plant, Large amounts of Cosmoscovatsonium is produced. It is highly radioactive and causes mutations, poisoning and Death. Although it has no proper uses, scientists are trying to use in in a weapon where it launches Cosmoscovatsonium at enemies, causing vast amounts of Casualties. The Chemical symbol of Cosmoscovatsonium (Cosmonium) is Cos.

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin
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