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 Classification of Mammals

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Classification of Mammals Empty
PostSubject: Classification of Mammals   Classification of Mammals Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 5:37 pm

Mammals fall under the Kingdom of Animalia, as they are Animals, and Chordata, as they are Vertibrates. They then fall under the Class of mammalia, as they are mammals. Here are the Orders of Mammal:


Tachyglossidae - Spiny Anteaters
Ornithorhynchidae - Platypuses


Didelphidae - Opposums
Microbiotheriidae - Colocolos
Caenolestidae - Shrew opposums
Dasyuridae - Marsupial Mice
Mermycobiidae - Numbats
Thylacidinae - Thylacines
Vombatidae - Wombats
Phascolarctidae - Koalas
Phalangeridae - Phalangers
Petauridae - Gliding phalangers
Burramyidae - Pygmy Opposum
Tarispedidae - Honey Opposum
Macropodidae - Kangaroos and Wallabies


Myrmecophagidae - Anteaters
Bradypodidae - Three-toed Sloths
Megalonichidae - Two-toed Sloths
Dasypodidae - Armadillos


Solenodontidae - Solenedons
Tenrecidae - Otter Shrew, Tenrecs
Chrysochloridae - Golden Moles
Erinacidae - Hedgehogs, Moonrats
Soricidae - Shrews
Talpidae - Moles, Desmans


Tupaiidae - Tree Shrews


Cynocephalidae - Flying Lemurs, Colugos


Pteropodidae - Old World Fruit Bats
Rhinopomatidae - Mouse-tailed Bats
Embalonuridae - Sheath-tailed Bats
Craseonycteridae - Hog-nosed Bats, Bumblebee Bats
Nycteridae - Slit-faced Bats
Megadermatidae - False Vampire Bats
Rhinolophidae - Horshoe Bats
Hipposidiridae - Old World Leaf-nosed bats
Noctilonidae - Bulldog bat
Mormoopidae - Naked-backed Bats
Phylostomidae - New World Leaf-nosed Bats
Natalidae - Funnel-eared Bats
Furipteridae - Smoky Bats
Thyropteridae - Disc-Winged Bat
Myzopodidae - Old World Sucker-foot Bat
Vespertilionidae - Vespertilionid Bats
Molossidae - Free-tailed Bats


Cheirogaleidae - Dwarf Lemurs
Lemuridae - Large Lemurs
Indridae - Leaping Lemurs
Daubentoniidae - Aye-Aye
Loridae - Lorises, Galagos
Tarsiidae - Tarsiers
Callitrichidae - Marmosets, Tamarins
Cebidae - New World Monkeys
Cercopithecidae - Old World Monkeys
Hylobatidae - Gibbons
Hominidae - Humans, Apes


Canidae - Dogs, Foxes, Wolves, Jackals
Ursidae - Bears, Pandas
Procyonidae - Racoons etc.
Mustelidae - Weasels etc.
Viverridae - Civets etc.
Herpestidae - Mongeese
Hyenidae - Hyenas
Felidae - Felines
Otariidae - Sealions
Odobenidae - Walruses
Phocidae - Seals


Platanistidae - River Dolphins
Delphinidae - Dolphins
Phocoenidae - Porpoises
Monodontidae - Narwhal, White Whale
Physeteridae - Sperm Whales
Ziphiidae - Beaked Whales
Eschrichtiidae - Gray Whale
Balaenopteridae - Rorquals
Balaenidae - Right Whales


Dugonidae - Dugongs
Trichechidae - Manatees


Elephantidae - Elephants


Equidae - Horses
Tapiridae - Tapirs
Rhinocerotidae - Rhinos


Procaviidae - Hyraxes


Orycteropodidae - Aardvarks


Suidae - Pigs
Tayassuide - Peccaries
Hippopotamidae - Hippoes
Camelidae - Camels, Llamas
Tragulidae - Mouse Deer
Moschidae - Musk Deer
Cervidae - Deer
Girrafidae - Girrafes, Okapis
Antilocapridae - Pronghorm
Bovidae - Cows, Antelopes etc.


Manidae - Pangolins, Scaly anteaters


Aplodontidae - Mountain Beavers
Sciuridae - Squirrels, Marmots etc.
Geomyidae - Pocket Gophers
Heteromyidae - Pocket Mice
Castoridae - Beavers
Anomaluridae - Scaly-tailed squirrels
Pedetidae - Spring Hares
Muridae - Rats, Mice, Gerbils etc.
Gliridae - Dormice
Seleviniidae - Desert Dormouse
Zapodidae - Jumping Mice
Dipodidae - Jerboas
Hystricidae - Old World Porcupines
Erithizontidae - New World Porcupines
Caviidae - Guinea pigs etc.
Hydrochaeridae - Capybara
Dinomyidae - Pacarana
Dasyproctidae - Agoutis, Pacas
Chinchillidae - Chinchillas etc.
Capromyidae - Hutia etc.
Myocastoridae - Coypu
Octodontidae - Degus etc.
Ctenomyidae - Tuco-tucos
Abrocomidae - Chinchilla-rats
Echymidae - Spiny Rats
Thryonomidae - Cane Rats
Petromyidae - Gomdrakuurian Rock-Rats
Bathyergidae - Gomdrakuurian Mole-Rats
Ctenodactylidae - Gundis


Ochotondidae - Pikas
Leporidae - Rabbits, hares


Macroscelididae - Elephant Shrews

More to be added soon

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Classification of Mammals
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