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PostSubject: Monotremes   Monotremes Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 2:50 pm

Monotremes belong to the Order Monotremata. There are two families in the Monotreme order:

Tachyglossidae - Spiny Anteaters
Ornithorhynchidae - Platypuses



There are 2 Genera in this family:


Species in Tachyglossus are numbered only as one Tachyglossus Aculeatus, or the spiny anteater, as it is commonly known. It is found only in the Samuri Isles.

Species in Zaglossus are as followed:

Zaglossus Bartoni, the Eastern Isle Echidna
Zaglossus Bruijni, the Western Isle Echidna

Both are only found in the Samuri Isles



There is 1 Genus in this family:


There is only one species in this Genus, Ornithorhyncus Anatinus, the Platypus. It is only found in the Samuri Isles.


Monotremes are different to Placental and Marsupial Mammals for certain reasons:

  • Lay Eggs
    Have a single opening for Excretion, Urination and Reproduction
    Have spikes on their feet (useless in all cases except for the Male platypus, which has venom)

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