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 Lost and Found

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PostSubject: Lost and Found   Lost and Found Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 9:25 am


The abillity to kill 6 lvl 2-12 monsters


Start by going the Mageguild in Elftown located on the island of Myag, which is where you start. Please note that you can enter the Mage guild at any level, but you can only go into the guildroom. The Portal room can only be accesed by being Lvl 50 Magyk and having been to the Magykal Guild Hall in Ithicos. In the Guildroom, there is a mage called Frant'ht. If you ask Frant'ht for a quest, he'll tell you that he needs you to recover 6 candles all around Myag. Each one is different and is required to certain summon creatures.

There is one in Elftown right next to the Mageguild. It is held by a lvl 2 Imp. Kill the imp and retrieve a Red Candle.

There is one in the town of Myag. It is near a fishing shop. It is held by a lvl 4 Foliot. Kill the foliot and retrieve an Orange Candle.

There is one in the town of Halfling town. It is near a Farmhouse. It is held by a lvl 6 Goblin. Kill the Goblin and retrieve a Yellow Candle.

There is one in the Nyrd Camps. It is in the Longhall. It is held by a lvl 8 Fiend. Kill the Fiend and retrieve a Green Candle.

There is one on the North Bridge, linking the North West Region to the South West Region over the Myagrian Tributary. It is held by a Lvl 10 Ghoul. Kill the Ghoul and Retrieve a Blue Candle.

There is one on the banks of the Myagrian River, Directly East of Myag town. It is held by a Lvl 12 Zombie. Kill the zombie and retrieve a Purple Candle.

Return the Candles to Frant'ht. Frant'ht will thank you and tell you that you have a 20 % discount when bying candles from him. Congratulations, quest complete.



Summoning Xp
Magyk Xp
Red Candle
Yellow Candle
Orange Candle
Blue Candle
Green Candle
Purple Candle
20 % Discount when buying candles from Frant'ht, except for Silver and Gold Candles.

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Lost and Found
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