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 Massimo's Magykal Maze

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Massimo's Magykal Maze Empty
PostSubject: Massimo's Magykal Maze   Massimo's Magykal Maze Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 12:25 pm

This is a teleport event. You get randomly teleported to a maze. Reach the centre of the maze and you'll recieve a reward, the quicker you take to reach the middle, the greater the reward. Rewards are as followed:

Massimo's Magykal Map of the Realm

A Map of the Realm, better quallity than the default world map and includes some information about Cities, Landmarks and Regions. Includses roads. Includes Cash.

Massimo's Magykal GPS Boots

Boots with inbuilt GPS which tells you the direction of a certain area which you can select from a map. Includes Cash.

Exploration Avatar

An animation where your character looks around and fiddles with several different navigational objects. Includes Cash.

Other stuff

Including things like Sextants, Compasses, etc. Includes Cash.


Obviously, the cash rewards is the one that varies depending on the time taken to complete the maze.

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Massimo's Magykal Maze
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