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 Realm Soccer Match

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Realm Soccer Match Empty
PostSubject: Realm Soccer Match   Realm Soccer Match Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 2:40 pm

Randomly, you get teleported to a soccer match between 2 random empires. You must pick a side, donn the uniform, and score!
To Play, talk to the reff to get a ball. Run in between opponents and try to get close to the goals. When you think you're close enough shoot (either by clicking or by using attack option (hasn't been sorted yet)) If you score, you will recieve Strength, Ranged and Agillity XP. If you get tackled, to reclaim the ball, run up to an opponent and click action (or "tackle") to try and reclaim the ball. If an opponent gets close to your goals, you can take charge and stand in goals. When a ball is shot, you can jump for it. If you catch it, you've got the ball!

Once three goals have been scored, the game is over and you are back where you started with a nice reward in your pocket.

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin
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Realm Soccer Match
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