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PostSubject: Elthorozat   Elthorozat Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 7:58 pm


Elthorozat is the Home of the Gull Frost Tribe. They specialise in Magyks and Prayers, especially those to do with Ice and Frost. The Village is also famous for its canoes, which can take a traveller to the Glaciers in the North, Nyrdnjirr to the West and the other Frost Villages to the South.


Elthorozat is found at the very North-Eastern tip of the Frostlands, In the Continent of Nyrdland. It is Northwest of Erozat and Kum-kabash. It is directly north of the Ice Mountains.

Points of Interest

In The Village, you can find a number of Shamans who are willing to tell your future or guide you in a task. At the North side of the Village, Iqualuit the Canoeman will teach you to make canoes and sail them to different destinations around the Frostlands. If you talk to inuk the Shaman, he will sell you a sealskin drum. There is also a Fishing stall in the village.



The Chieftain is a man of few words, however, he will sometimes say way too much. He rules his tribe fairly, and people are happy as long as they stay out of his way.


Iqaluit the Canoeman is a jolly fellow who is a great teacher and is always happy to a help a passing adventurer with their travels.


Inuk the shaman is a strange fellow. His hobbies include foretelling doom and collecting fish. He is also adept at guiding people on their tasks. He also sells drums in exchange for either cash or catfish.


So far, the following quests can be started in Elthorozat.

Attack of the Fire Giant (Talk to Inuk)

Dangers of the Gull tribe

Shaman lvl 23
Seal lvl 4
Wolves lvl 44
Fox lvl 25
Polar bear lvl 45
Snow Leoperd lvl 45
Sea Gull lvl 1
Yak lvl 5


Bones from seals in the area can be sold to Iqaluit for a decent amount of money
Pickpocketing some of the shamans might give you a peice of fur clothing
A Bone flute respawns inside the chieftains hut
Bone weapons that are bought from Iqaluit are equivalent to Iron weapons (Tier 3)

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin

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