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 Lost - Chapter 1 |Awakening|

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Lost - Chapter 1 |Awakening| Empty
PostLost - Chapter 1 |Awakening|


The girl turned her head sharply, making her hair fan out behind her. Her amber eyes squinting into the inky blackness that lay before her, searching for some sign that it was gone. Slightly reassured by the fact that she saw no movement, she attempted to slow her breathing, taking the cool air in her nose, and releasing it out her mouth. As her heart rate slowed, she became aware of a dull ache in her legs. She felt as if she had just sprinted a mile. Noticing a stray lock of her jet-black hair falling over her face, she reached up with her right hand to put the unruly tress behind her ear. She stifled a cry of agony as red hot pain shot up through her arm. She attempted to move the fingers of her right hand, but to no avail. In panic she tried her left fingers, and to her relief they worked as they should.

She sat down awkwardly, trying to hold her right arm horizontal with her left. The floor was cold, probably stone, it had a rough texture, something you wouldn't want to fall on. She crossed her legs, and placed her damaged limb on her lap. She wondered why her right arm was so wet. She tore away the pitifully soaked sleeve. She ran the fingers of her uninjured hand along her arm. It felt unnerving, her fingers brushed over what must have been previously open wounds, bulges and scabs lined her once smooth forearm, someone must have sewn up the wounds. To her horror she realized that her arm was wet with blood. She found this sickening, her stomach twisted in disgust. She picked up the torn fragments of her sleeve, and made an improvised sling, she slipped her right hand through it, and laced the sling around her neck.

Getting up she stumbled a few steps forward. Her foot splashed in what may have been her blood, she recoiled taking some steps backwards. She turned around and tried walking in that direction. Her outstretched hand came into contact with something cold, hard and bumpy. She reckoned it was a 'wall', and slid her hand right to find out. It continued for some time, then disappeared. She ran her hand along the last stretch of 'wall', and slowed as she reached the end. The 'wall' took a sharp left, what would be called a corner in most parts of the world. She continued to walk along, using the 'wall' as her guide.

After a while, her head began to throb, as well as her hurt arm. She began to grow tired, her hope of successful escape waned, and as she rounded yet another corner, she glimpsed a white light it the distance, this strengthened her greatly, as hope returned to her, fueling her weary limbs. Soon the light was near, and as she walked closer, she shielded her eyes from the glare of light in a darkened world. She approached the light, it was a giant orb, bigger then herself times two. She suddenly had an impulse to reach up and touch the glowing orb, she didn't resist the urge, for she was dazed by the beauty of such a thing. She touched it, the orb rippled like water. Then she closed her eyes and walked into the light.

It consumed her, entirely.

Lost - Chapter 1 |Awakening| Vqihoo
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Lost - Chapter 1 |Awakening|

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