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 Lost - Chapter 3 |Culorde Espreci|

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Lost - Chapter 3 |Culorde Espreci| Empty
PostLost - Chapter 3 |Culorde Espreci|

Culorde Espreci

Opening her eyes, she found herself in a beautiful garden. Lilies, roses and violets were the only flowers she could identify from the forest of flora that lay before her, she smiled at the spectacle. Looking up she noticed the sky was a strange violet hue. Try as she might she couldn't find a direct source of light, the garden seemed to be lit by nothing, but everything. She pondered this for a minute, then she looked out into the forest. It was strangely heartening to be sorrounded by so much beauty after spending a long time in darkness. A small creek trickled to her right, suddenly she remembered how thirsty she was and ran to it, drinking deeply. The water ran down her throat, cooling her dry inards. Satified that her thirst was quenched, she stood up and wiped the water droplets from her face. To her delight she noticed she could move her right hand and arm easily, the scars were gone. Noticing a grey flat rock adorned with food. She did not know what kind of food it was, nor did she care. She couldn't remember the last time she'd eaten. Pastries, rolls with some kind of fruit jam smeared over it, what looked like turnovers. All these things all lay on the small rock.

She slowly edged closer to the richly adorned table, she reached out tentatively to a pastry, half expecting some evil to befall her. To her relief nothing happened as she took a bite out of the pastry, it's flavours exploding in her bittered mouth. She swallowed, and shivered as the warm food reached her stomach. An intoxicating euphoria swept through her as she dug into the trove.
After she had eaten her fill, a wave of exhaustion swept through her. Nearly making her topple over. She yawned. Finding a patch of soft heath, she lay down and curled up on her side, the soft heath pressing her hair against her head. 
Her last thought was: "Where was all the wildlife? "
Then she was asleep, walking in the land of dreams, Something moved from behind the creek, it moved over to the rock the girl had eaten at, it seemed like nothing more than a shadow at the speed it moved.

Lost - Chapter 3 |Culorde Espreci| Vqihoo
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Lost - Chapter 3 |Culorde Espreci|

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