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 0. Why did it happen to me?

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0. Why did it happen to me? Empty
Post0. Why did it happen to me?

Audrus was a special boy, in both senses of the word. He was different. He was stronger, faster, smarter than the other boys in the village. Yet he was always teased. "Changeling!", "Half-blood!". These were the names they called the Half Elf Boy.

It was one ordinary day that a set of extra-ordinary occourences happened which changed the life of the Halfblood boy forever.


Audrus was walking down the dusty path. This was the path he walked many times and he knew every pavestone. Every blade of grass, every chip of rock. Yet something was different. Maybe is was the black storm clouds in the sky. Maybe it was the roadside plants, slowly dying. But it was probably the approaching army. Men clad in black armour with the red and black banners symboling the Army of Kativa. Audrus stood and stared at the oncoming army. He had only heard legends of this army, fighting miles away in the swampy marshlands of Malaria. Yet here they were, the Black clad army. It took a few moments for it to become apparent that it was not the smartest thing to stay. Audrus turned to run. He looked only at the ground, too scared to look back. He ran through streets, fields and squares. In all, he found the same sights, men and women fleeing for their lives.

It did not take long for the army to arrive. The pillaged and looted the small town. They took what they could and burned the rest. They were ruthless men, and they gave no mercy. Many civilians were taken to the town square and executed. These included Audrus's parents. He saw it happen. A black skinned creature with eyes like two furnaces encased in blood red jewels. He wielded a sword with serrated edges and a skull on the hilt. He laughed. An evil laugh that resounded through the minds of all who heard, poisoning their thoughts with thoughts of fear and hate. It took him only a single swipe to kill his mother. Another for his father.

Audrus cried. That was it. Just tears. All that followed was a blur. Only the final moments of his parents' lives haunted his mind. He was picked up by a fleeing man and was carried out of the village, chased by the demonic forces of Kativa. It looked as if he was being rescued.

He was indeed being rescued, but it was not a rescue, it was imprisonment. Audrus had just been rescued by the Gratharian Military, where he would spend the next ten years of his life.

The Black Legion approaches...Druids, to war!! Tamlin

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0. Why did it happen to me? :: Comments

Re: 0. Why did it happen to me?
Post on Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:45 pm by Tamlin
This is the prologue, it's not meant to be long.

0. Why did it happen to me?

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